6 Day Working Week

I have a formula that populates multiple dates based on a 5 day work week. This works great for about 75% of the work cycle. For the 25% of the work cycle, we need a 6 day work week, Sundays being the excluded. Running General Caster, and I was curious if anyone has built a formula to factor days based on a 6 day work week? Here’s the formula for our current 5 day:


The “-17” is a day count value, it’s a variable option that will adjust.

My initial thought was to run WEEKDAY and just add a day for each 7 days, but I feel like that may still give the option for sundays to be a due date, which i’m trying to avoid period.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear about any good work arounds for a 6 day workweek! (Even if it isn’t a Formula)

Hi, first of all thanks for this! I don’t know why Monday.com don’t allow 5 days week as a standard option but I’m glad you’ve created a fix.

Could you tell me where I should input your formula?



I don’t use General Caster. But I believe the formulas are Excel based. For you 6 day workweek, try this:
TEXT(WORKDAY.INTL(DATEVALUE({item’s Date}), -17, 11), "YYYY-MM-DD")

The “11” in the formula above specifies that weekends are Sunday only.

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It’s based in General Caster app.

Correct on the excel based. Unfortunately, WORKDAY.INTL() isn’t supported currently in the app. I’ve also gotten errors on Nested IF() statements, but have confirmation the formula written is correct.

I did plan for a backup utilizing a previous answer you gave on another thread to just add days, and added an additional day for every 7. Client likes it.

I found in settings I can turn off weekends. That seems to have done the trick

monday offers the default to do a 5 day week, or 7 day week. Unfortunately, offering a 6-day work week isn’t native currently. Hopefully it’s on one of the improvements roadmaps.