6 Day Working Week

I have a formula that populates multiple dates based on a 5 day work week. This works great for about 75% of the work cycle. For the 25% of the work cycle, we need a 6 day work week, Sundays being the excluded. Running General Caster, and I was curious if anyone has built a formula to factor days based on a 6 day work week? Here’s the formula for our current 5 day:


The “-17” is a day count value, it’s a variable option that will adjust.

My initial thought was to run WEEKDAY and just add a day for each 7 days, but I feel like that may still give the option for sundays to be a due date, which i’m trying to avoid period.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear about any good work arounds for a 6 day workweek! (Even if it isn’t a Formula)