A column where you can connect/link other items from the same board without dependency logic

I have a list of organizations I’m tracking in a single board. I wanted to create a “Competitor” column and connect other items/entries on the same board within this column. I used the dependency column type to achieve this but the issue with this approach is I can’t connect the competitors on the same entries without creating a circular dependency issue…but I’m not really using it for dependencies, so I’d like to have the ability to just connect other items like you can do from another board.

hi @samspacher
Have you tried to use a connect boards column and connect to the same boards? It has (almost) the same look and feel as the dependency column except that it does do dependency circular dependency checking.

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Should’ve thought to just try this but figured you couldn’t use a connect boards column to connect to the same board you’re on. Thanks Bas!

That’s weird. I know there was a time when this was not possible, but in both of my account I can perfectly select the board where I created the connec_boards column to itself. See this little Loom Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

It got added back to support some of the new product features in the Sales CRM. :wink:

As it should have! There are many “depends on” scenarios that aren’t timeline related. Such as a list of services and which depends on which to function correctly - and can be mutually dependent on each other.