Showing dependency items on the parent item

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I was hoping to use the dependency column to create a parent child relationship within the same board but the relationship only shows one way (you can see the parent on the child but not vice versa). Is there a way to achieve this? My use case is within Monday CRM. I want to be able to go to an account and see whether it is the parent organisation of any other accounts but without having separate boards. We need to keep all accounts in one place but to understand where there may be dependencies or opportunities to engage with a related organisation.


Hi @charmagne.rbt :raised_hand:

I think hyou could probably use the “Connect Boards” column to achieve this. You can connect it to the Accounts board you are working out of and connect two or more items using that column. That way, you could see which companies are associated with each other.

I’d be happy to walk you through this - connecting boards like this can be a bit tricky :slight_smile:

@greg_elevate anything you’d add to this?

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That should work! It can link related items together in a way that the link goes both ways. You’d just have to create a “Connect Boards” columns like @tanner_elevate said and then link the board to itself. Then you’d link the items to each other.

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Hi Charmagne, also for me it is still a problem, Monday should definitely improve the dependency features.

@tanner_elevate thanks for the suggestion! I tried connecting the board to itself using the two way connection but the relationship still only shows up on the record you make the connection from. Is there something you need to do differently if it’s the same board?

I totally agree, dependency management is essential to project management. We should be able to define multiple kind of dependencies, all dependencies should be shown in all edges and there should be a dependency diagram (graph) that is not tied to timeline.

A related dependency is important to create relationship without restriction, a non-scheduled task should be presented in dependency tree and more.

Dependencies are not functioning correctly. The new “Flexible” setting is causing unpredictable changes to the all the way back up the timeline/Gantt, even where a dependency has been removed. To make matters worse, since there’s no “undo” button / Ctl-Z, once you blow your whole timeline apart you have to go back and rebuild from the start! It’s VERY frustrating!!