A Possible Fix To The Location Column

Im having a bit of issue to the locations tab to where when i click on the address, it creates an entirely new “View” instead of just using the existing map view

I also have this issue…did you ever find a solution?

I had the same problem today. It created two new views instead of opening the location.

Following your other post @agoulet I’m a new user having same issue. Worked fine at first and now it opens a new map view every time and doesn’t zoom or even highlight the location. Frustrating.

Did they ever find a fix for you? - Matt

@mchanna No, I believe the last word on it was that it was a known bug that was being worked on. It’s not crucial for my work to have it function, but it sure would be useful. It’s frustrating to be teased with cool features that don’t really work in a practical way.