Ability to duplicate core Sales CRM boards and Columns

Currently Monday Sales CRM is only allowing you to create 1 instance of:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Deals
  • Activities

These boards all have a bunch of columns unique to Sales CRM also.

The boards cannot be duplicated, which is causing me some headaches and also clients and potential new Monday Sales CRM customers a headache.
The particular use case which is having people picking CRM’s such as Hubspot and Pipedrive over Monday Sales CRM is multiple pipelines…

A lot of my my clients want more than deals board because they have a pipeline for fixed cost items and a separate pipeline for subscription items. One is concerned with deal value and one is concerned with MRR.

This is losing me (and Monday Sales CRM) deals a the moment!

Just to understand, what CRM specific features do not work on non-CRM Boards?

As far as I understand only difference are the icons of the Deals etc.