Can you really only have one deals board in Monday Sales CRM?

Hi all, exploring Sales CRM on behalf of a client and I’m shocked but it seems like you are only allowed one (Sales CRM) Deals Board? Can this really be true?
So, in short a Sales CRM that only lets you have one sales pipeline?
I am a little in disbelief, hopefully I am missing something obvious…
TIA Patrick

Yes, it is true that you are only allowed one (Sales CRM) Deals Board.
This is because is a flexible and customizable platform, and they want to give you the freedom to create the boards that you need to manage your work.

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Hello @botsquad !

While it is true you can only have one Sales CRM board, this is the case only for “native” boards.

Let me explain. The native board would be the following ones :


You can however create a new board, even from a non CRM product template, which you would structure to follow the same Deals process as the original board.

Essentially all of the CRM product features would remain, so you would not really be missing out on anything.

Hope this helps, and please let me know if you need any additional insights.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Except it doesn’t function on the mobile application right?
For example you can’t add emails and activities to a non CRM board even though its on the CRM workspace.
This is really frustrating because we have other boards we’d like to have with these features.

It does function on the mobile app, but the “other” deals board would not be part of the special interface that is on mobile, you would have to search it manually.

You can add the Emails & Activities on a not template board in the CRM ,but it is trickier to find.

Hope this helps!

but you can’t add emails and activities on mobile if it is not apart of the CRM core boards

Just tested this and it seems you are correct.

It only works on the desktop version.

You can see how frustrating this would be for a CRM product because people are doing sales calls on the road and can’t log them on their phones.

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I am quite suprised by a couple of the comments on this post. Are they being generated automatically or by AI?

@GiannisKoukounas @MsquareAutomation The question is coming up because in Sales CRM, there are unique features and columns in the Deals board, as well as all the other CRM specific boards. If you create a standard Monday board, you don’t get those specific features. I think surely you must know of @botsquad? Offering to help him understand the basics of is perhaps not necessary.

@botsquad I was in a Monday Sales CRM specific webinar on Monday and this issue was coming up with a lot of consultants. I think it will be addressed in the near future, especially as Hubspot has capability of multiple pipelines and Monday seem to be really pitching against them more than any other company.

@botsquad I put in a feature request…

It’s a bummer, especially if you have multiple sales processes to manage. You might want to consider looking into other CRM options that offer more flexibility in this department.

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Never fear, there is a workaround… :smiling_face:


Awesome, thanks Mike! Because my eyes and brain found the GIF (a) tiny, (b) super fast, I recorded a video guide version with clickable transcription and chapter headings and embedded audio. In case it helps anyone else, link is How To Create New Monday Sales CRM Core Boards


Thanks so much @dreamsuitemike and @botsquad ! Very helpful work around for creating 2nd boards in CRM. Wish I’d found it just a bit sooner, but will be adding that to the future upgrades list to replace the current workaround I implemented to support the change order process.