Ability to easily copy a pulse and link from link column

I find that a lot of times I want to copy either the main pulse item or a link from the link column. Each time I want to copy a link, I need to click on it in Monday, go to the link and then copy it from the browser which seems like a waste. Can you have one of those copy icons so someone can easily copy a link and or a pulse? the link is more of an issue but I find it with pulses as well.

Pulses are easily copied with the Copy Item Link row of the pulse menu.
(click on the arrow to the left of the pulse to access this menu).
More often I just click on the update button and copy the url in the browser address bar.

I only uses links in one board, and I used a Text column, so I just right-click on the link and choose Copy.

I understand however that some use case might benefit from a quicker way to copy a link.
I believe the new Button column might be used for that as soon as it is made available in our mondays.

Thanks but I want a link column. There should be an option when you hover or something that you can click copy to clip board as opposed to open (and maybe an option to edit as well)

I get that a copy button might be quicker than using right-click + copy, but it is still pretty quick and do works on link columns.

Also, while we do not absolutely need the edit button for links, the one-click access would be more user-friendly with one.
For now you can click on the blank space on the left side of the url. It will display the edit popup.