Ability to Reorder Views

How is this the highest up-voted feature request and yet there is not a single comment from Monday.com staff even just acknowledging this is a good idea and they are working on it??


Great idea and thanks to everyone that voted and shared feedback. We’ve discussed your request to reorder views with our development team and they agree with the need for this feature. While this feature is not immediately planned, due to other priorities and team capacity, we are working on a feature to create personal views, reorder tabs and hide views.

We would love to keep hearing how this feature would impact your workflow. Requests like yours help guide us in prioritizing the features that our customers care about the most. So keep the ideas coming because your feedback makes a difference.

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For my board I want the board views to appear in a certain order. Is there a way to adjust the order? If not is this something that can happen in the future? I envision a drag and drop feature.

YES! This is definitely something I have wanted a long time too. We want to be able to hide the main table view, or at least put it much later in the order of views.

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@carolinem @ToriG

I agree that this would be a good feature to have.

I described a partial solution in this video: Change Views Order - MMM - YouTube

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Thank you Jim! Even a partial solution like this is helpful for the time being!

Also the ability to rename Main Table would be great, as well as drag it to the end.

Retracted my vote and put it here which is older and has more votes - Feature Request: Ability to Reorder Views

Yes, the order of views in a board is really important to helping the team find information easily and navigate all the different views. This seems to be the cornerstone of Monday.com so why not be able to order the views. They are very difficult to work with, by not being able to order them properly. I really hope this function gets added soon.

Please vote on this feature request which currently has the highest # of votes of all the duplicates on this topic across these forums Feature Request: Ability to Reorder Views - #41 by nathannicholas

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Currently boards don’t allow custom views to be rearranged in a custom order. We use views to filter the items in unique ways and want to prioritize certain ones by putting them in the front, and putting less important ones at the end. I can mark a view as a favorite so it moves closer to the front, but even that doesn’t allow me to rearrange ordering without refavoriting them all. Would love it if it had drag and drop capability like with item ordering as well as a way to lock/unlock the arrangement to prevent accidental changes.

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Hi everyone,

Sometimes we are working on a board, and as we progress with the structure, we realize we need to add a new Board View, such as a filtered table, but I want it to put it next to another relevant view, instead of being the last (and also not the Default view).

Is it possible to reorder board views?



You can set specific views as your favorites. This will move them to the left. It’s not documented, but, my experience is that the last favorite set will be the farthest to the left.

Look for the section “Easily access your favorite board views”
The board views – Support (monday.com)

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It would be great if we could reorder our saved views. Saved views simply appear on top of your board in the order that you create them. It would be great if we could rearrange the order later.

I have one main board which I have then created multiple filtered views.
I would like to rearrange the order they appear in.
I have added a new filter but I want to move it to a different position

Hi @Neil-FDM - and welcome to the community. Currently there is no way to reorder views on boards, however each user can favorite specific views and they will appear closer to the left hand side of the menu bar.


Hi mark.anley

Thank you - that helps me out.
Would be nice to be able to drag the tabs around.

Another +1 here, as we build out our boards this is super basic functionality

Hey Jamie!

We understand this is important and encourage you to keep voting for it! We hope to be able to bring more updates in the future about this and welcome any advice from the community about possible workarounds etc.

We need this, now. Every time an update is announced, I read with anticipation and let down by new features that are so much less important and useful than this. Please Monday, listen to your users.

would really love to customize the color of each view tab!

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