Ability to Reorder Views

How many more votes do we need to get this prioritized?

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So is this going to be implemented? There’s something weird with the merging of forum threads (I think) so I’m not sure if your post is really from 7 days ago or not.

Hi Jorge,

The dates are all still the same, even when we merge. Merging helps us better understand how many votes each request truly has. It may look confusing at the beginning but hopefully will reduce confusion and help us better understand the request of our community. We are working on creating more transparency with our community and so are providing status updates with the features that have the top votes every quarter! We will be providing more details on the process shortly but wanted to test it out first.

We understand that this was a priority and since it received many votes we did speak with the relevant development team. We are working on creating more transparency with our community and so are providing status updates with the features that have the top votes. Every quarter, we need to make difficult decisions about how we prioritize building new features, improving old ones, and ensuring overall platform quality and it seems like the priority for this quarter was elsewhere. Although this is not immediately planned this quarter, the roadmap is always changing and will provide updates when relevant!

We will provide more details on our new request process shortly but wanted to test it out first with our community and encourage you to keep voting on the features that are more important!

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It would be really useful if monday.com had the functionality to allow the views created on a board to be able to be moved in a ‘click n drop’ manner, in the same way that items, sub items, group, etc can be.

This feature would be really useful for us too.

The way we do it right now is duplicating the views, then deleting the old ones.


@rramirezz, @Alastair_Foggo

You might find this helpful: Change Views Order - MMM - YouTube

Jim - The Monday Man (YouTube Channel)
Watch Our Latest Video: Creating subitems using Make - The Monday Man (EASY) Way
Contact me directly here: Contact – The Monday Man

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Thank you @JCorrell this could be a temporary solution. We can implement this until we have something permanent and that doesn’t depend on the users.

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Thanks for this.




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So glad that this only took 3.5 years to be addressed. Monday.com support is a joke…

Would be great to access the views via a shortcut like the CMD+ K to search boards and docs but hitting say CMD+SHIFT+K and you can search and go through views.

Is anyone working on this feature?? It was originally requested in 2019! It’s 2023!

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This would be really useful, as it stands I would have to delete what I have created in order to get the latest most important view to be prevalent on the board

YESSS!!! This is such a no brainer, it should have been available a long time ago!

I would also add to be able to rename the “main” board.


Holy cow, 4 year old request for some of the most basic UI functionality? Get a grip Monday.

Just checking where are we on this?

this would be a HUGELY helpful feature for us. we have a handful of custom-tailored views to every board (some being for certain stages in a workflow) and it would be nice to display them to users in the expected order.


I’m in complete agreement that this should have been integrated already from the Monday.com developers. Such a basic flaw which should have been addressed much quicker and it has been an issue for 4 years. This isn’t an idea and it shouldn’t need votes from the Monday.com community. This should be put down as a quality of life fix.

Can we please get a meaningful update rather than a generic “it’s a great idea…but… we don’t know when this will be fixed so keep voting”. Both the community and developers see the need to re order views, therefore, a timescale would be a good start to address the community and their concerns.

Will it be implemented this year? Q2,Q3,Q4? Next year?


Couldn’t agree more to this

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Wow, since 2019 the community is asking for this feature. I didn’t expect that from the monday team. It could improve so much the experience and the day-to-day productivity.

A simple drag and drop or at least an alphabetical ordering to the user be able to put a number renaming. But nothing in 4 years.

5 days to have a return on one of my three questions to the support. The two others, no answers after 1 week. I think Monday has other priorities. And the user isn’t among them.