Account id in Webhook

I am working on a monday app integration,where a column change triggers an event and that event is sent to web url specified. I am receiving the event to url I have specified. Is there any way to identify from which account(account id) this event has been triggered from?

I need this information as I have a custom requirement to identify which application has sent this event

The accounId is not part of the event. In my use cases it is sufficient to know that the boardId is unique, so I don’t need the accountId. If you really need to know the only solution I see is to store the accounId in a database table whit an unique key boardId.

Thanks for the reply, is boardId unique across accounts?. And also I have one more question, can the same user(with same user id) be part of multiple accounts?

Yes, boardId is unique across all monday accounts (that is what monday told me :slight_smile:). The same user (email, name etc) can exist in multiple accounts but the user gets a different userId in each account (maybe worht double checking with support).

Hey @chandan - apologies for the delay here.

As Bas mentioned above, the boardID is unique across the platform.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!