Two accounts view

Hello, I’m currently a client of two agencies. Both use is there a way to view the boards from each agency in my account? In other words, I want to be able to view my projects from two different agencies in one view. How do I make that happen?

Hey @LJP

Cool suggestion - we’re actually working on adding in a grid of accounts which will hopefully achieve what you’re asking for. This is still in the research and development stage so I don’t know exactly how it will work but it will be available on Enterprise as far as I’m aware!

Maybe an easy solution is to create a drop down in the login. Add a function that says do you have more than one account then that engages dual logins. You’ll have to exit one account and then log into another account. But at least that saves entry the URL etc

You can switch already between accounts. If you are logged into both on your browser, you can click on the top left in the pane where the monday logo is and switch between them easily: