Multiple Monday accounts

(Re-animating the topic).

As of today I am unable to find a way to connect other Monday accounts. I saw some threads from 2019 - see Two accounts view - #6 by jk193 for example. It is closed after a reply showing a “Switch accounts” option that I am unable to find.

I am only interested to see if there is any activity in my other Monday accounts. I believe Slack solved this for their system by adding all accounts I am part of, as a entity in the sidebar (they call it workspace):

Once I am getting notifications on either of my Slack accounts I see a little red number show up on the icon - and I can quickly switch to the other account by clicking on the icon.

What does the collective think about this?

I believe this is a pretty important feature for companies that are in the consulting business, or companies that operate with several sub-companies in their organization.

Hey @Rio!

You are able to switch between accounts by following the steps in this article:

Please let me know if this is what you’re referring to :slight_smile:

Oh! Thank you! Awesome!

What about on the android app?

The switching accounts feature isn’t currently supported on Android - I apologise for the inconvenience here! I will follow up internally incase there’s an update on its development :pray: