Connecting two external accounts together to improve collaboration

One of our customers is a larger enterprise who collaborate with a digital agency. They both use, however to collaborate (and to see notifications and comm’s) they need to switch accounts. As is increasing it’s market share, it would be great to see a better way to collaborate between 2 companies that both have an account. I was thinking something along the lines of how Zendesk Ticket Sharing is set up (Sharing tickets with other Support accounts – Zendesk help)

Basically I’m asking for a shareable board that is accessible from another account without having to switch to the guest account. In this way, it streamlines collaboration even further as notifications, updates, etc all live seamlessly within 1 account for both teams. This has to be initiated by one of the companies and administered from one company as well.

I see a similar article, but my opinion is that this should be a feature and not to be done with make.

HI, We have the same wish. Would be great to combine 2 company accounts this way

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