Modify an existing board on another account

Hello everyone,

Do you know what is the best way to create/modify a board (columns, integrations, etc.) for a board located in another account than mine ?

I think there are two solutions :

  • Create the board on my account, do the changes, then transfer the board.
  • Access the other account board, do the changes directly in the right account.

Thank you for your help,


Hey @corentin.dalfarra, thanks for posting!

The options you mentioned are definitely the right ones here, as there are no other ways to create/modify a board without being part of an account.

If you decide to create the board on your account and then transfer the board, you can write in to us at to grant you the necessary features to do this. You would have to be an admin with the same email address on both accounts.

Alternatively, an admin on the other account could invite you as a member (so that you could create a board from scratch on that account) or as a guest (so that you could edit existing boards on that account that they invite you to).


Thank you for the answer, as working for a Monday Partner I was also wondering what are the best practices in terms of editing or creating boards for clients.

Thank you