Accumulated Time Tracking entries for items In Progress

Hi! First post here! :slight_smile: I would like to seek some feedback/advice on gathering the correct/accumulated time tracking information for items on a board. Basically when I query via API, I get only the current active time-tracking session, however, I need the accumulated sessions together to be fetched. Anyone can shed some light on how they might have been able to achieve this? Any help would me immensly appreciated.



hi @christian.barun

Welcome to the community! Are you 100% sure that queuering the time tracker gives you the time of the active session? That would be really weird as the running time tracker value is only written back to the backend when it is stopped. In my experience queuering the time tracker give you all previously tracked time EXCEPT the current running one.

Hi there! Thanks for both the welcome and also for replying back to me! Indeed that is what we are getting when we fetch time tracking via API. We are only getting the current time duration rather the accumulated one. We only get the accumulated time duration of those items that have been completed/marked as done. I tried with setting automations that pause and resume the time but what we get is the time from when an item has been resumed. I have attached an image. Basically we get the currently active session only. Would you know any work arounds or maybe we are doing it the wrong way…

Thanks in advance!

I have created a test board with:

  • a manual entered entry
  • a started + stopped entry
  • a started entry (still running)

In the API response you see all of these 3 entries (id’s).