Mutate timetracking info

Hi, I require a way to “manually” add time tracking sessions via the API.

Im able to query/parse values into my app without issue but require some guidance on the “values” component of the mutation.

I’m currently onboarding and ran into this limitation too. I don’t think it’s possible yet and notice that the ability to query these via the API is relatively new too - it might be a while off yet.

Yes. It’s a serious deficiency in the API.

I’ve abandoned the column completely. Instead I am serialising time tracking info into the “updates” for each/any item.

Personally I think the manner in which the development team has approached the utilisation of time tracking into a column is fundamentally flawed.

It would have been a better approach to use something similar to the now (almost) deprecated info boxes/Q&A (which aren’t accessible via apiv2 anyway).

Simply having a schema that is viewable/filterable on the activity log, and would allow for a custom/separate view that is more overview. Ie. instead of a boarditem, or column, it would simply be a different data type that is linked items with a separate querable structure, query { log { id item start end user } }

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