Better time tracking data from APIv2

I’ve tried to create an application, which contains time tracking data.
We are using time tracking to track our working time. Working time has probably lunch break at some point etc. So I would like to have accurate data.

boards{ items{column_values(ids:[“time_tracking”]){value}}}
Gives only data which is shown on board. It contains only the value of tracked time from whole day (not telling when breaks are kept). Also there’s no data, when tracker has started.

I made some progress with “boards{activity_logs{data}}” in API v2, but data is not so constant and easily causes errors or wrong information in application.

I’ve found the address inside

It’s where the site gets its data, when opening time tracking data by clicking column:
https://[ COMPANY ] [SOMENUMBER] /time_tracking

This address contains data, which would be very useful:

Is it possible to access this data with API or some other way?

Do you have @dipro any ideas?

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I’m interested in this too. This data needs to be available to us so we can expand Monday’s functionality especially for reporting purposes.