Add a delay before sending email

I have a simple automation that triggers when an applicant is moved to a new group.

If moved to Accepted group, send Accepted email
If moved to Denied, send Denied email

I’d like these emails to be delayed by a short period of time (max 1 day) – mainly as a precaution that if there is a mistake made when moving the applicants, the trigger is not activated immediately.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps you could add a new date column and an automation that adds the date the item was moved to the column. Then add an automation that triggers 1 day after that “date” arrives to send the email.

To add an example, here is an automation I have set up to do something similar with a date column

Thanks Taylor… I was heading in this direction and got stuck trying to figure out how to set up the “trigger 1 day after that date arrives” in a way that would be connected to the previous automation.

In other words, I’ll need to sort out a simple way to connect two automations for one status (Approved) and then two separate automations for the other status (Declined)

I figured it out. Thanks @TaylorTedesco for pointing me in the right direction.

Final setup looks like this and would work for as many status types as you want to create automation pairs for.

Move applicant to a new group (eg Approved)
Automation 1: Assign a status of Approved; Assign an Email Date of Today
Automation 2: 1 Day After Email Date (from Automation 1), and if Status = Approved, send email


Awesome! I am glad it worked out :smiling_face: