Issue with emails sending

I have a pretty simple integration. 14 days after [date] arrives and only if [status] is X send email to email. SUPER simple but for some reason is not firing. Any ideas? I noticed that a bunch of my automations are NOT firing. I have to manually change the status and have the email on a status change, then it fires. But is not working off a date.

Hi @thynkconsultinggroup !

When creating the automation, did you happen to change the time in which the automation triggers? Normally you choose the time with the number of days also, but if you didn’t I believe that it triggers at 9am in your time zone.

If that is not working even after you checked, I would suggest recreating the automation and separating each email to it’s own automation.

Hope this helps!

yeah, we already have the automation set up right. It’s just not firing.