Add a new member to multiple boards at once

Is there a way to add a new member to multiple boards without having to go into each board individually?

Hey @Karina,

Whilst we don’t have a specific function to invite users to multiple boards, there is a way around this using the teams function.

In order to invite this user to multiple boards, you can first create a team (with yourself as the only team member) and invite the team to the boards in which you’d like the new user to be subscribed to.

You can then navigate to your admin settings to invite the user into the account. In order to ensure the user has access to the specific boards, be sure to invite the user into the specific team.

Once they’re into the account, if they search for the relevant board they will have access to the board and relevant workspace. You can then also remove yourself from the team at the conclusion of this process.

Let me know if this makes sense :slight_smile: