Inviting Multiple Guest to the board!

Dear Team!

I am looking for a solution or feature, which would allow to add multiple email address at the same time to the new Board.

I am adding and deleting users from the specific boards almost every day, and it is exhausting to do it in multiple boards when you need to type in an email address and then choose " add email address as a guest "
maybe it is possible to add a feature if using specific sign like : or ; or simply , maybe even . and type in second email address instead doing in one by one.

I think this should not be that hard to add this implementation, but it would save so much effort to do a such a simple task !

Please upvote if you think this should be done and hopefully Monday team Will change this!

I’m not trying to be annoying, but I will try make this Topic upvoted, by leaving comments. Hopefully it will work.:
Today I spend approx: 12 minutes to add 40 people to 4 different boards.
It would take me around 30 seconds with :add all feature.

And the sad part that this feature is already implemented to add new members in Monday workOS but not to invite a Guest To one or multiple boards.

Again, hello everyone :wave:

Spent some decent amount today just to add 9 people to 3 boards, and delete 3 people from 3 boards. had to copy each email from a list an manually paste it in one of the boards.
I am not asking a lot here, simply add a feature which is already implemented in your system

Good day to you all!

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It Feels like I would be sending bottle messages into Space
But there is no other choice here, hopefully will find more people who would have same issues or at least would think that this functionality could be added to the system ( or copied from other place, like i’ve mentioned before)

This is another reminder that there are people who waste time in such ridicules task, which could be done in seconds

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It starts to feel like diary which I have no intend to be writing, oh well it is how it is. Today again I had to do same click by click inviting each email address to multiple boards, and insanely boring and time consuming process, If only I could ask for small implementation which I am sure of happens for more people at least once when they started to use your product.

Hope you have a great day!



Hi Monday, It’s Me again

Just wanted to follow up with how things are going on. Unfortunately this simple task like inviting / unsubscribing people from Monday boards is still pain in “Gluteus maximus” today I’ve had to invite around 30 people to multiple boards took me around 10-15 minutes. To write this message takes 2 minutes. Could you imagine what could be done with that time if every day I could invite people in bulk and and to use that free time for something else ? me neither due to I still have to copy all those emails one by one to each board.

So if you could help me out here, it would be much appreciated

Tu amigo Edmundas

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I am glad that this post is starting to have it’s audience!

Hopefully this will make a difference!

did not have much time to write here for couple days, But now I have a minute so wanted to let you know hows life. It’s okey, really not bad :slight_smile:

Unless the fact that had to add another 25 people and remove half of it from manually by copying each email individually and adding it to one board after another. Does not makes sense at all, if you think promotion to this system shows as how it will save some time, but under a first experience adding people to a board you have to add each one to each board separately.

For a half a year I am writing this suggestion to Monday and they are always repeating same thing, thank you we will look into that suggestion but nothing actually happens, that’s just sad

Let’s build a community and show that small changes is really important!

See you soon

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I know this topic is months old at this point, but it is a feature that would provide incredible quality of life for Shareable boards. Please give us someway to upload a CSV or separate guest emails with commas.

Small changes and community are really important

Best Regards,

I actually need my guest to submit a list of emails of colleagues that need access. Short of that being built-in at least a way to bulk add them once submitted would be great.

Voted! This will be awesome!

I second this. We use workspaces with our clients, which often have 10-40 people that need access (let’s call it 15 on average to be generous). Our workspace template has 45 boards/dashboards/docs.

45*15 = 675

Yes… that means requires us to invite 675 users MANUALLY, ONE AT A TIME each time we setup a workspace. Worse yet, each of those users receives 45 email notifications, which is embarrassing and difficult to explain to clients.

Management of guest access needs some serious attention: ability to invite in bulk without generating a million notification emails, ability to create Teams for guests, and ability for guests to see folders so the side menu isn’t a giant flat list