Add the possibility to prefill a hidden field in forms

We would like to use Monday forms to collect user feedback from different locations. It would be great to have the possibility to prefill a field corresponding to a column “location”. And it would be even better to have the possibility to hide this field at rendering.
I think there are a lot of use cases that could benefit from this feature.
Today, as far as I know, the fields of the form are not named, making prefill impossible, even with visible fields.

I would also find this useful for similar reasons, but the lack of response rom Monday is not encouraging. Similar tools have this functionality

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See Forms for customers to complete with prefilled info - #6 by Elliot for a response from

There is a way to accomplish this with 3rd party solutions in that same thread.

Thanks @gregb but for me, this just means that there is no acceptable solution… and using integration to do that is like using a hammer to kill a bug :grin:

Hello @jeromeskiply , will the example shown here work in your case? You can hide the columns you don’t want the user to see before sharing the link