Adding a Sum for a numbers column for calendar view per day

I run an autobody shop.
I have 1 board, and each item is a vehicle for repair in the shop.

Each vehicle has a numbers column for repair hours.

In the calendar view. I would like to see a total sum of all vehicles booked for that day.
So i can limit the amount of work scheduled each day.

Picture attached shows my calendar view.
At the bottom of each day is where id like to see the total sum for repair hours.

still looking for help

Hey @Tri - there is no way to do this within the calendar view/widget. As a workaround, you could create a Dashboard view and add a Calendar and Chart widget and set a filter on both to where the Date is “This Week”.

The chart can be a simple bar graph where the X-AXIS is the Date column and the Y-AXIS is the hours per job, broken out by day.

Hope this helps!