Calendar widget hours

It would be nice to summarize the number of hours estimated for a given day in the calendar widget. Adding a setting that allows you to display a selected numbers column next to the date at the top would be a great solution for this. There are currently three views for the calendar widget: Month, Week and Day. For the month view you could sum the total for that numbers column and display it to the left of the date and then sum the total number of days for that particular date for example June 2022 Sat would include 6/4, 6/11, 6/18 and place that sum at the top next to the “Sat” text. Give a custom text field to the end of the data so you can choose Hrs or Hours or anything that identifies the sum total. In week view you need only total the number and display it at the top of the day column so for example 25 Sat XX.XX. You can then see at a glance the given number of hours of task scheduled for that day.

I realize there is a setting to “Show Hours” but this is only for seeing task over the course of a day, this does nothing to speak to the total number of hours for all task for the day. Assuming you have 10 people working on task in an 8 hour day you ideally would want to shoot for a mark of about 75 hours. Being able to see that the day has 56.80 hours scheduled can help to identify how much time you are truly dedicating toward all work for the day.