Formula to calculate number column based off of date

We do custom work and our production schedule is based off of estimated job hours instead of a certain number of jobs per week. I have an install due date column and a number column for estimated job hrs. I need to either have a board or a dashboard to be able to see how many scheduled hours per week we have. This would be used to schedule new jobs and such. Basically look at the date column and sum all estimated job hour in a certain week range. Would be nice to be able to show this result somehow in a calendar if possible. I need to be able to see a number of weeks ahead. Maybe have a dropdown to select a certain week. Any help would be appreciated.

hi @WoodDesign

Welcome to the community. I don’t fully understand your use case but it looks like the workload widget in the dashboard is a good start to look at. It shows the number of hours allocated to each person and compares it with the max number of hours per resource. Like this one below. The user names are on the left (one per row) but not copied here :slight_smile:


Hello Bas,

Thanks for the response. I had tried the workload widget, but it showed the hours broken up by each assigned team member and we just wanted a total of hr per week.

I tried something else. I set up another person column call “Hrs calc person column” and made an automation that when the “estimated hrs.” column changes, it assigns me in this column. This way the hours all show up under one person and gives us a total. We will just hide this column in the board so we don’t use it by mistake. The only issue I see is, how do I keep from getting notifications each time this automation is run and assigns me to this item. I don’t want to turn the notifications off completely as I would like to be notified when someone assigns me in the “Assigned Person” column.

Screenshot is a line from the board showing the layout.

Screenshot below is the workload widget in a dashboard showing the hrs per week.


Gene Miller

Nice one. I don’t think it is possible to turn of the notifications for being assigned to column A while keeping the “being assigned to column B”

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