Summing a numbers field of items grouped by a date field?

Hello folks,

I have items with a numbers column and a date column. I’m looking for a way to easily visualize the total/sum of the numbers column for all items grouped by the date column.

Use case:

Capacity (numbers field)
Production date (date field)

I add values to each item for capacity and specify a production date. What I need to be able to see is the total capacity (sum) of all items for each production date. This is to provide visibility on if there is room for extra items or if there are too many items per day.

I almost don’t care what kind of view. Any suggestions?

Hey Mike! I have an idea for you! :bulb::blush:

If you search in your board for the exact date you’re looking for, the sum at the bottom of the numbers column will show you the total “Capacity” for the “Production date” you searched, instead of all the items in the group/board with different dates.

However, this wouldn’t be able to be saved as a new view in your board; just a way to see the totals for a specific date whenever you want to.

Would this work for you or are you looking for a way to make the numbers part of more permanent table views you can toggle between?

Hi @mwarning, the Analytics & Reports add-on by Screenful has a chart called Workload (planned), which shows how much work is assigned for the coming days, weeks, and months. Here’s a sample chart:

The leftmost bar is the current week. The bars to the right are the future weeks.

We have 21 day free trial so you can give it a try with your data. Here are step by step instructions for setting up this chart.