Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab

+1 this would be great! Especially b/c looking through the activity log is when you’re most likely to see a mistake. Currently you would have to manually set the field back to the previous value.

I was looking for a feature where you could undo more than once or if there was something like a version history where would could go back to a previous version. There’s the “Undo” pop up as well as the change log but it cannot undo more than one action.

Is this something that could be possible for a future implementation?

Hi Everyone, thank you for your request and suggestions. The development team had a look at this request and while they are considering making some improvements with the undo option, it’s difficult to say if it will affect the activity log. Learn more about what it means a request is marked as under consideration here

As part of our new feature request process, we are taking top request and discussing them with our product team. Read more about the new feature request process here.

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Hi everybody

I have started using three weeks ago (after having used Smartsheet for almost two years) and I was very very very surprised to say the least that the ‘Undo’ or ‘Restore’ capability in the Activity Log is not an option in It is paramount to have this enabled, as everybody (even the most expert user can make mistakes.

It is part of the learning process to try things out before confirming changes, so I would request with urgency that this capability is integrated in the features.


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Bit strange that youve flagged a solution when there isnt a solution yet.

I have lost SO much time having to remember all the activity text I’ve accidentally deleted. Its near-criminal that undo isnt a thing given how much we pay for the service.

P.S. I dont know why tick box radials are so VERY buggy. I seem to lose text most often when this is inside the activity box.

Hi Melissa,

We added an update to let you know that this feature is now under consideration and our team is working on it. This is part of our new feature feedback process. Check out the new process and keep voting for your features since they do impact our development decisions.

All you need to know about our new Feature Request process.

Hello Everyone!

Exciting news :tada: :tada: :tada: ! LogBack is here! This new app, announced in monday marketplace, is a game-changer for board management.

With LogBack, you can effortlessly restore most of your board’s activity log, minimizing the risk of data loss and human mistakes.

We encourage you to give the app a try and recommend it to anyone you believe would find it relevant :slight_smile:

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Hi, Seems like an efficient solution for undo actions.
Does it function on every board, including the exciting ones? @Dor_appSolution

Sure, the app works on any board.

We just had an accident where someone removed hundreds of pieces of data from our board, and this was a life saver! Thank you!!

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I’m glad to hear that you found the app useful

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I’m not sure if this is some kind of joke. The most basic feature (UNDO) is “under consideration”? As in, you might decide “nah, not work the effort, if customers lose their data, so be it”?

I’m curious. Does anyone here use ANY app that has NO undo? I don’t think I have any.

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I am using large data in It looks like something can be undone, producing a green notification at the top to undo within a minute. However, if I change the content in a cell, I cannot undo this! It means if I make a mistake eg type the wrong text into the wrong row, I loose the original data forever!

I currently take regular exports of my board so I have a previous version but undo is a very basic ability that all programs have…

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Hey Tanya,

Thanks for your feature request.

We hear you and recognise there is demand for this feature. Are you able to confirm if the existing feature request here, matches your request? This way we can merge the two, to consolidate votes and put greater emphasis on this need :pray:

Hello Everyone :wave: ,

You are welcome to try our latest LogBack version- now with capability to restore up to 25 board’s activities simultaneously!

I’ve been testing the app, and it’s ok. The problem is that it relies in the (broken) activity log feature. I have been working for the past 30 minutes, updating dates and stuff like that. Nothing got recorded.

I then accidentally clicked on the “delete my cell data without warning or undo for no practical reason”. Information gone.

Hi Jorge, LogBack relies on the monday activity logs API. If you’re facing any problems with your account, such as actions not being recorded in the activity log, I suggest contacting monday for support.

Hi Community,

After hearing all your feedback and considering different ways to go about this feature, I am excited to share that adding more undo capabilities has been added to our roadmap. Our development team have already started developing the undo feature in the activity lab and are working on adding more undo capabilities - such as people and file columns.

Thank you for joining us in our development process and we are looking forward to hearing more great ideas from our community.

More about our feature request process here:

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While that’s good news, from the way you word this it seems you are still moving in the weird, non-standard Undo implementation of the few items that allow undo at the moment - i.e. the floating bubble that lets you undo a few choice things.

Every other app in the world has a standard undo feature, with a standard history, standard keystrokes, etc.

Anything you do in the app should have an undo, simple as that. If you can change data, you need to be able to change it back.

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Here to say again how critical this is. It’s so easy to be in the item card view and accidentally select all items on the board behind that window and not realized that any chance you make is now made on every.single.item.

ANND now our team has to manually edit 342 items X 2 for the two fields that were accidentally bulk-changed. :exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: