Adding Google Docs To Files Column from Drive/Integromat

In Monday files column I am able to add a Google Doc from Google Drive that I can subsequently edit by clicking on the created Drive icon in the files column which opens a net browser tab with the Google doc open for editing.
I am using Integromat(Make) to add these files through an integration. When uploading the files in a scenario, attaching them to the files column, the icon is that of a W doc. When clicking on this a Monday doc viewer window opens which does not allow editing of the file.

Does anyone know how I should be uploading the file in Integromat to retain the link to the document in drive and the ability to edit it with a single click in Monday?

I’m trying to do the same thing, I think. I’d like to have Make/Integromat create a Google Doc and attach the Google Doc to the files column in the correct format, but I’m coming up short.