Adding Google Docs To Files Column from Drive/Integromat

In Monday files column I am able to add a Google Doc from Google Drive that I can subsequently edit by clicking on the created Drive icon in the files column which opens a net browser tab with the Google doc open for editing.
I am using Integromat(Make) to add these files through an integration. When uploading the files in a scenario, attaching them to the files column, the icon is that of a W doc. When clicking on this a Monday doc viewer window opens which does not allow editing of the file.

Does anyone know how I should be uploading the file in Integromat to retain the link to the document in drive and the ability to edit it with a single click in Monday?

I’m trying to do the same thing, I think. I’d like to have Make/Integromat create a Google Doc and attach the Google Doc to the files column in the correct format, but I’m coming up short.

@tmadonia @dschnurbusch

Converting the Google doc to Word, PDF, text, etc. and uploading that to monday is easy. But obviously not the save as linking to the live doc.

This can be tricky. Adding files via link using the API is not exactly officially supported. But it is possible.

Basically, you will need to get/create the appropriate share link. Then update the file column using a direct call to the monday API (you can use the Execute a GraphQL Query module).

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