Adding subitems to form

Adding subitems using a form

We are adding projects (items) in MONDAY using forms.
When we have updates / changes on a project, we would like to handle it as subitems.

We would like our clients to add subitems from a form.
Can that be done? And how does the subitem get matched with the correct item?

This would be useful for our team as well!

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Currently, you cannot add subitems through a form. With the permissions ‘only edit items or subitems that users are assigned to’ you cannot create subitems, because technically you are creating a new item in the board.
We can bypass this by including an option to add subitems onto tickets.
Use cases for this would be when two actions on one item happen on different dates, or have a dependency on one another, but you don’t want to log another ticket with all the same information. This was something that I also seen was on the forum around 2 years ago, surprised it wasn’t taken further!

I have currently designed a NCR Register. However this was produced before i was aware of the use of forms. Since incorporating the forms it helps us to quickly and easily raise a new item (NCR). we do have sub-items on the board under each item that are critical to our process, but without being able to fill in the sub-items from the form it pretty much excludes the use of forms. I believe that being able to fill in sub-items from the use of a form would be an excellent feature to the forms.

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