Creating forms for subitems?

Does anyone know if there is currently a way to create forms to populate subitem fields? I’ve tried to search similar topics here but couldn’t find any answers.
I’m trying to avoid creating multiple boards so I can store all the information I need on one board. Subitems are good but they require our team to fill out all the info instead of sending forms to our potential clients and have them fill out the info themselves.


Hey @northstarjojo, welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

At the moment forms can’t populate subitem fields. I would try dividing the board into groups and making extensive use of the filters so that you can store all the information you need in one board:

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Is there any functionality in Monday that is actually finished? Everything seems half baked. I’ve never seen so many ‘workarounds’ in my life.

Do you know when functionality to add subitems to forms will be added?


Any update on when this will ever happen ?
@danhall76 you are spot on! I’m constantly having to find workarounds.
Did you find one with subitems and forms? I’m about to check jotforms as a solution.
Unfortunately subitems a must for me and this form limitation is another slap in the face.
The roadmap has a mention of form v2 upgrade but that doesn’t even have a time of completion and it may not even include subitems. Perhaps can update us?

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This functionality has the potential to be HUGE. I have to use JotForms instead :frowning:


Following. This function is definitely overdue.


Another upvote for this functionality!

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This function would be a massive step forward, would definitely vote for this! Any chance this would be coming in the near future?


Would make use of it too, following …

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Between the mobile app, subitems, and many other things, it seems entertaining that every feature released is at about 10% functionality. The platform would look much better if you released single features at 90% functionality, one by one, and then finished it from there.

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Would love this feature to be added!

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I added a new post in the Feedback section for this idea, please go and vote for it!.
We would like to use Monday for expense reimbursement but this is preventing us from doing that.


Can’t believe this is being so grossly overlooked by the Monday team. It’s a huge sore point for me and I’m reconsidering where to even keep using at all. Other little things I can forgive, but this is a massive time killer for our business, and having to pay for multiple other programs to find a work-around that only partially even works is a total waste of time and money. Very disappointing.

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This is a massive requirement for us. We could run $100,000s of revenue through a single board if this feature existed

Definitely a great addition if it this feature would exist. Going to vote for feature request of @lizpfahler

Another option could be an automation: “when item created, convert item to subitem of item where this column matches this column in another group.” Probably need to flesh it out a bit better, but something like that.

Another option will be to create a temporary board or group that will receive the incoming form data and the create a template in the Duplicates and Uniques app that will automatically move any item created in that board or group to the subitems list.
If you need any help with the app, you can always reach out at