Admin Functions - Logging in as a User

Within my organization, our admins do nearly all workflow building, maintenance, and troubleshooting. In other applications I’ve had the benefit of being able to adopt a set of permissions temporarily, sometimes by selecting a user and adopting identical permissions as them. This makes testing and troubleshooting much easier.

I get that this is a “nice to have” but hey, maybe it’ll get into the dev roadmap at some point.


Hey @MatthewB,

We hear you and agree that both your suggestions here would be valuable additions to the platform - particularly the more advanced admin functions. Would you be happy to submit these as 2 separate a feature requests? This way we can get more eyes on the requests and increase votes, to put greater emphasis on the need :pray:

I’ve separated into two posts and will make sure I don’t have more than one topic per post going forward.



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Thanks so much Matthew!!

This is a GREAT suggestion. We are a mostly remote organization and sometimes having to do screenshares for troubleshooting is inconvenient and laborious. Being able to log in as the user would be much more efficient and help us train users on the platform more effectively.

Are you able to switch this post type as a feature request? I would cast my vote right away.

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Hey @Vtab and @MatthewB,

We’ve converted this into a feature request :raised_hands:


Is there a capability for account admin to login as a different user?
Use case: specific user is facing issues, reaches out to account admin to help trouble shoot and resolve the issue. If account admin will be able to login as this specific user this will greatly help understanding the issue and resolve it (assuming not being a bug).

Thank You!

Great suggestions.
I’m find my self as administrator created two users: one guest and one as company user.
To make maintenance, and troubleshooting by myself with different permissions.