Admin-only App Settings screen

I need an admin only app settings screen. A screen where admins can administer the settings in the app, and it’s not displayed to non-admins.

Right now, I have an app settings screen, but have to check the JWT payload for "is_admin": false and then block access for non-admins with a 401 and a friendly “you are not allowed here” blocking message.

The other annoyance about the current situation is that whenever someone views the settings for a board or item view, there’s a great big button that says “Go to App Settings”:

The button is displayed to everyone, whether I let them have access to this screen, or not.

I’d rather that it was not displayed at all for non-admins, and I don’t really want to admins to see it all the time either, as it’s easy to train users to go to:

“Jigsaw icon” > Installed apps > “App name” > Settings

It’s also somewhat distracting as admins will rarely have to visit the screen, so I don’t want to over-promote it with a big button.

So, I guess the request is:

  1. Admin only app settings screen
  2. Ability to hide the “Go to App Settings” button

Btw: @dipro says this “an EXCELLENT feature request” :bowing_man:

Thank you for the request @dvdsmpsn !!

It is indeed super interesting :grin:

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@dvdsmpsn - Question - The context api - monday.get returns an isAdmin field in the user object. Would this not suffice? :see_no_evil:

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@kranthi_thoughtflow I can easily check whether a user is an admin and block access. That’s not really the point.

I want to be able to have an admin only screen that normal users do not know even exists.

If they can view a screen which is not meant for them, its just visual clutter and unnecessary cognitive load.

I would second this. Ideally there should be a way for admins to grant access to it to non-admin users though. I know a lot of enterprise orgs where managing an apps settings would not be in the realm of the admins who manage users and security, and the users manage their boards etc.

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@codyfrisch thats interesting, and I’ve built apps on other platforms where you can specify the visibility of the app feature based on the group membership of the end user. If a user is a member of groups x or y, then the feature is available.

I think the monday app features are probably a long way from being able to achieve that just yet, but it would be an excellent further improvement to the apps framework.

I do want to hop in to this conversation and mention that on the “Administration” > “Apps” page, for every app there is a settings button. However we’ve not been able to get this settings button to work.

Since this administration page is already hidden from normal users, it would be a great place to have the administration only app settings show up, instead of the marketplace app settings page.

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@Zatura24 @Matias.Monday Yes, this is the perfect place.

In fact, it’s exactly what I want to use:

How do we use this “Global Account Settings” menu link?

Hello @dvdsmpsn,

Would you be able to please fill this form (Submit a request – Support) adding as much information as possible into exactly what you need to achieve and what for?

Looking forward to hearing from you via the form!


@Matias.Monday Done. Thnx.

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