Advice on annual recurring tasks with subitems

Hi all, after best practice advice.

I want each staff member to perform this set of tasks once per year. I’ve created the task with a number of subitems, and a copy of these tasks will be created for each staff member. They are required to complete every subitem, then the main task will auto-complete via an automation which I’ve already set up.

I’ve also set up an automation to automatically set the task status to ‘outstanding’ every 12 months.

The challenge I have is ‘resetting the status of subitems’ each year isn’t possible through automations.

How else could I prompt every user to complete these set of tasks every year, without just creating every subitem as a normal task?

I had the same problem. My solution (not perfect ) was to create an automation that copied the item and push the dates by 12 months (future) before sending it to be updated, so I always had a clean item.

What about the subitems?

Subitems will duplicate when you copy the item and pushed the dates.

Ah! Thanks, I didn’t know it duplicated the subitems!