All resources from the "MeetApp webinar"

Hi community!
Thank you for joining our MeetApp webinar. We were very excited to see you all in one virtual space.
Here is all the webinar information for you

  1. API Migration: All API resources are ready for you in one post here
  2. New AI and Board Features: Here you can find the AI assistance documentation and the newly added board feature documentation.
  3. App Analytics: Here is app analytics documentation.
  4. Follow-up webinar: On Aug 31 we’ll have a deep dive into the 2023-10 API version. Register here.
  5. monday - code: register here to the beta program.
  6. Give us feedback: help us to create better MeetApps for you by filling out a feedback from.
  7. MeetApp recording: here is the link. Passcode: BfDX9+9P

You are welcome to ask and consult with us here, as well as to answer other questions via this forum.