API version 2023-10 – all migration resources superthread!

I know there are a lot of updates about the new version of the API; I thought I’d compile a list of migration resources here and add to them as I go along.

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General resources

  • API release notes – list of all the changes with a link to a detailed changelog about each one

  • 2023-10 migration guide – covers the main changes in this version and how to adapt to them. NB: This is not an exhaustive list of changes; I’m adding to it each week!

  • API Versioning Principles – explains our approach to API versioning and when each change will take place

Tips about specific topics


Interesting threads & common questions

I know there’s a lot of different topics to think about when migrating, hope this list is helpful for you! Shoot me a message in the comments if there are specific things you’d like to see resources for.


New link alert – we now have warning messages when you’re using a query/mutation that will be deprecated in the next version!

I added it to the ‘Tips about special topics’ section above :crystal_ball:

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Just added the recording to the migration training I did at the start of Sept! Link here - API Migration Bootcamp

It covers:

  • How different customers should respond to the changes - admins, marketplace developers, citizen developers
  • Timeline and rollout
  • Every change in the new version & how to adapt your queries
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