Allow Calendar View to Start on Sunday

I’m embedding a Calendar view to an internal company webpage so the rest of the company can see what my team is up to. I would like this calendar view to start on Sunday, not Monday. Is that possible? I see where the Date Picker can start on Sunday, but not calendars.

Bumping this old request. Having Monday’s calendar start on Monday is thematically appropriate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but causes confusion when looking at other calendar tools, which typically start on Sunday. Please give us the option to choose a Sunday start date to avoid UX confusion between tools!

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I’m a member of a student union, head of the culture department and we would like ask again for this feature to be added, it would help me personally very much. I have ADHD and I have to be organized and it bothers very very much and if I won’t be organized everything will fall apart and I * really really* need this feature so I can coordinate all my events properly and without I cant do anything I can’t bring Noa Kiril here please please please help me

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Following up, this is really important. The United States typically displays calendars Sunday - Saturday with a workweek of Monday-Friday.

To have a Monday-Friday workweek, the calendar display must be Monday-Sunday currently. This confuses the heck out of us weird Americans.

This cannot be that hard to do, as its been a common feature in many applications for decades.