Navigating Week Start Settings in for a More Intuitive Calendar View

Hello Community,

I’m encountering a bit of a dilemma with the administrative settings regarding the start of the week. Our work week kicks off on Monday, ending with the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. However, when setting Monday as the start of the week in’s timeline view, the calendar layout ends up looking a bit off to me. With this setup, Monday appears as the first column, and the weekend stretches across the last columns. This arrangement feels unconventional since we’re accustomed to seeing Sunday start off the week on the first column of our calendars.

Interestingly, when I switch the start of the work week to Sunday, the calendar suddenly aligns with the traditional layout we’re familiar with. But, this adjustment brings its own set of complications, especially in the Gantt View, where Friday and Saturday are shaded as the “weekend,” which isn’t ideal for our workflow.

It’s quite a puzzling situation and somewhat frustrating to navigate. Has anyone else faced this issue, and is there a workaround or a fix available to reconcile these calendar views with our conventional expectations? Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated!