Allow "Export to Excel" for all workspace/board members

We need the ability for all of our workspace/dashboard members and viewers to be able to “export to excel” without being workspace/dashboard owners. We do not want all of our members to be able to edit the dashboards, but we have many who need to regularly export the info to Excel and not a PDF.

Hey Courtney,

This is a setting that can be adjusted in the Admin > Permissions settings in you’re on an ENT account:

Alternatively, board or workspaces owners may have set permissions to restrict members from making such changes. They would need to ensure members have full editing capabilities in the board to do so.

Would like to have this setting specific to either a workspace or a board. There are many people who I want to allow export to excel for but on specific boards/workspaces, I can’t allow that for security reasons. If we could just add this to workspace settings or board settings as an option instead of allowing either all or none for a user, it would be very helpful

Hey @jaimes,

I hear where you’re coming from here! Would you be able to submit this as a feature request so our community can add their vote? I ask this, as your request differs slightly from this thread’s feature request :pray: