Am I crazy or is there no way to actually change an automation without redoing it?

I wrote a pretty simple automation, “When A, then Create B, C, D, E”

Now I’m trying to go back in to add a conditional to it, but it looks like I cant because “Edit Automation” doesn’t actually let you edit the automation, just adjust certain parts.

Does everyone seriously go in and recreate a new automation from scratch every time they need to change something?

Hi Josh,

there are two possible ways to change existing automations.

First click on it, now you can change the variables. (Simple and limited)

The second one would be the game changer for you, click on the three dots on the right side of the
automation (automations overview site) and click on “copy automation”. Now you are able to fully
edit the allready configured automation. Later dont forget to deactivate or delete the old version of the automation. :grin:

  • Silas