Amazing new features and improvements! (Workload, calendar, timeline, chart drilldown, milestones)

Hi guys!

Danielle here from :slight_smile:

I work with our amazing insights team who has been focusing on adding some super impactful project management capabilities to our platform and wanted to share some very exciting features we released lately!

Manage more with workload

  • Resource type - You can now set any column as a resource (and not only the person column!) This can be useful when managing rooms, machines and more!

  • Split task weight between resources - in case your task is managed by two assignees, you can now split the weight between them instead of having the effort apply to both assignees! (6)

Widget improvements:

  • Color of bars in timeline and calendar -You can now change the colors of the timeline and calendar bars to color by the status, group, person or board!

  • Charts drill down- You can see the items attached to the charts with a single click! This is currently only possible on chats that are based on the status column but we are working on adding it to all other columns as well.

  • Milestones- Convert items to milestones in a project and display them on the timeline view!