An email association filter that works with Deals

Hi Monday. We have a few people in the field that work on multiple deals at once. It gets really confusing in emails & activities when all emails from a person are listed just based on their email address. It doesnt matter if the email is about Deal a, B or C. That email is assocaited with every deal for that person.

The behaviour we see:

Jake is a salesperson who is external to our company. Jake handles many deals and communicates with us using email. During a single day Jake will sends 10 emails about the deals. However, those 10 emails are assocaited to every deal that Jake is working on. In Sales support we open the a single deal and see all 10 emails Jake sent. Only one of those 10 is truely for the deal. The email association makes it look as if Jake is spamming the deals.

The behaviour we would like to see:

We would like Jake to send an email and have it appear in the Emails & Activities section for the Deal it is truely assocaited with.
We would like to have the Updates feature “Write updates via email” for Emails & Activities.

That there be a “copy unquie email address”, that can be used as the CC email address.

Maybe the email association filters could work in the following way:

  • If the Deal unique email address is included, then associate based that address only. Ignore the other email addresses. (Jake is helping us clean our comms logs)

  • If there is no Deal unique address, then apply the current behaviour. When in doubt, associate with everything applicable. (Too bad for us we should train our partners)

  • If Deal unique email address and other addresses are included, the Deal associated the email based on its unqiue address. (Good for us, as the deal gets the email associated, and the CRM Contacts also get the email attached.)

  • If Deal has multple unique email addresses (aka Jake is being lazy and trying to send one email as an update), then associate the email with each deal.

I really hope that makes sense.

Origina help provided: [#2748680]

Hey @PicnicAnt,

Thanks for your feature request here.

I hear what you’re saying here, and understand that emails across different deals are populating in other items that are not relevant - correct?

Can I ask if you can try filtering the emails + activities app to only show item related activities?

If I am understanding the issue correctly, filtering the app this way will ensure that only emails associated with that specific deal appear for that item. That said, your point definitely still stands regarding improved filtering methods for the app.

Please let me know if I’ve gone off track :pray:

Hi Bianca,

Using the filters comes so very to solving this. Definitely means there are fewer items to browse through.

In the screen shot below, even if I select Justin’s emails, there is still only one of the emails that actually relates to the Deal.

This filtering is a great feature, am going to make sure my users know all about it.

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Hi Rhys

Did you end up find a solution to this problem? We have exactly the same issue with multiple Opps for the same Client and a single email appearing in all…

Would love to hear back.