Emails & Activities - Emails Tracking Per Row Feature

Change Request: Monday Application - Emails & Activities Feature

The current state of the Monday application allows for multiple rows with the same email address in the Email Column to capture both outgoing and incoming email messages, resulting in a mixed timeline of activities. The requested change is to implement a unique identifier for outgoing emails to ensure that incoming emails are captured only on the relevant row, thereby preventing the mixing of communication across different deals with the same customer.

Currently, the Monday application permits multiple rows with the same email address in the Email Column, such as Item A, Item B, and Item C, all having the email address When a user sends an outgoing email to or receives an incoming email from, these email messages appear on the timeline of all relevant items (Item A, Item B, and Item C), making it challenging to distinguish and manage communication for each individual deal.

Requested State:
We propose a change that aligns with the concept that each row on the board represents a unique deal with a customer. It is common for the same customer to have multiple deals simultaneously or over time, resulting in multiple rows with the same email address in the Email Column. To enhance communication management, we request the following changes:

  1. Unique Identifier for Outgoing Emails: Implement a unique identifier for outgoing emails sent from the Monday application. This identifier should be associated with the specific row or deal, ensuring that all outgoing emails related to a particular deal are easily distinguishable.

  2. Incoming Email Capture: Modify the application’s behavior to capture incoming email messages only on the row with the corresponding unique identifier. This change will prevent incoming email messages from being displayed on unrelated rows and will enhance the organization of communication.

Impact and Benefits:

  • Improved organization of communication for deals with the same customer, preventing mixing of email messages.
  • Enhanced user experience and ease of tracking interactions for each deal.
  • Reduced clutter and improved clarity in the timeline of each item.

Implementation Timeline:
We kindly request that this change be prioritized for implementation at the earliest convenience to improve the usability and effectiveness of the Monday application’s Email & Activities feature.

Additional Information:
If further clarification or discussions are required regarding this change request, please do not hesitate to reach out. We believe that implementing these modifications will significantly benefit users in managing their customer communication effectively.


Asaf Cadmon

Hey Asaf,

Thank you so much for such a detailed overview of your request. I certainly hear where you’re coming from and see the value in your request here. That being, I am interested if the app filters could assist you here?

If you filter by sent from this item only emails specific to that item should appear? Let me know your thoughts on this :smiling_face:

Hi @BiancaT ,

I loved your supper quick replay.

on our app, I cannot see this filter that you present.

after consulting with Gabriella Malki from the support team, we could not find a solution for our problem.
This is why i opened this change request.

considering that this option available, how would this filter assist for filtering replays that are not related to the deal but to another from our customers?

Thanks for getting back to me!

Can you instead try the filter item related activities, this should only pull correspondence specific to that item (/deal) regardless if the customer is across multiple deals?

Let me know how this goes :pray:

Hi @BiancaT ,
tried your suggestion.
it seems to have no effect whatsoever. :thinking:
actually, from the support page:
Manage your sales activities – Support (

there is no explanation regarding your initial suggestion.

Filtering activities

You can filter the timeline to only see the emails, notes, events, or activities that interest you. You have the option to choose a date for your filter. You can also choose multiple filters to see, for example, all emails sent in a given timeframe.

If you’d like to reset the filter, choose “Clear” to clear your selections.

Thank you for your reply Asaf :pray:

I have investigated this internally and it appears that the feature I initially referred to has been released to new accounts (due to infra changes) however existing accounts can still access this feature if it’s granted. I will send you a private message to detail how this works :+1:


We appear to be in the same situation as Asaf, where the same email is associated with different items, and the advanced filtering would be of great help.

Can we turn this on for our account?

Asa N.

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Hi Bianca,
I received your private message and attempted to reply, but I encountered an error:
We’re sorry, but your email message to xxxxxxx
(titled Re: [monday Community Forum] [PM] RE: Emails & Activities - Emails Tracking Per Row Feature) didn’t work.

Your reply was sent from a different email address than the one we expected, so we’re not sure if this is the same person. Try sending from another email address, or contact a staff member.

Hey Asaf!

I think this might be because this is a seperate account to the one I private messaged. It looks like you’re logged into Asaf_flying and I private messaged, AsafCadmon. Can you try logging into the account that this thread is attached to? :pray:

Got it.
I retied sending :smile:

@BiancaT Hello! I’m in the same boat as Asaf was. If a person has several items associated to the same email, the E + A, with Item related activites filter on, it pulls in emails relating to other items.

Is it possible to get the details of accessing the Sent from this item filter activated for my organization? Would you prefer if I open a new feature request discussion?


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Hey Travis,

For sure! I’ve sent you a DM with some information on the sent from this item filter :pray:

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I am having the exact same issue. Could you please send me the details on this feature as well?

Thank you!

Hey Manuel,

For sure - I will send the information to you via a direct message :slight_smile:

Hi @BiancaT,

we are facing the same issue. Could you please help us?
Thank you.

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Hi @BiancaT
I would also like some help with this issue. Thanks!

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@BiancaT Can you assist me in getting access to this “sent from this item” feature? I only have the “item related activities” option which doesn’t seem to change anything. Thank you!

Just reached out to you Allison! :blush:

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Hey @BiancaT

im a Partner with monday and some of our customers has this issue.
Can you please provide me with the necessary information to solve this?

Thanks in Advance

Hey Kevin,

If there are a few customers in this position, I recommend them reaching out to our support team via our support centre as they will be able to assist each of them accordingly :slight_smile: