Anchoring Text in monday doc

Is there a way to anchor text in a monday doc? I’m looking to make it easy for my team to quickly find what they’re looking for in my monday doc that may contain several pages worth of information. Ideally, when you make something a headline, you could then have a table of contents/summary feature (like in Google docs) where you could quickly jump to the headlines.

YES, this feature would be huge for us! Especially since we’re using the docs to write our monthly reports, and each person fills out a separate part.

Also, I feel like the ability to tag a person in the doc (not as an update, just adding them in line with text), is a little weak right now. It’d be great if you could hop between the spots you or someone else was tagged.

This feature has been added! There is a new outline section on the left side of the monday doc that shows any headlines that appear in the text so you can quickly jump to them.


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