Anniversary Tracking Move to Group Monthly

We have a board to track employee anniversary at 5 year increments. On the first of each month, I want anyone with a milestone anniversary occurring during that month to move to a group. So, on March 1 anyone with a milestone anniversary during the month of March would all move into that group.
Any suggestions how to achieve this?

Hey Angie,

You could achieve this by setting up status column that references the specific month the milestone is in… this way you could set up something like this:

Could something like this work for you? I recognise it requires some manual work to set up, but I believe it is best route forward based on what we support natively :pray:

That would partially work. The only issue is if there are 3 people reaching a milestone with dates of March 2, March 17, and March 22 I want it to move to the group on March 1. Anyone with a milestone during the month would move on the first of that month.
I created a status column to indicate the month…so we are on the same track…just not quite what I am looking for yet!

Hi Angie,
I don’t think you can solve that with native automation. The only way I see would be to use a third party app, like General Caster for example.
Personally, I would create a column that is automatically fed with the 1 day of the month of the birthday of your employee (using General Caster). And then make a simple automation that would be triggered when this 1st of the month arrives. If you don’t have too many employee, you could fill in this column manually.
Please tell me if it helps or if is not clear enough.
Have a good day