Annual reminder

Hello all. I would like to set up a yearly reminder in a board to send an invoice. For this I set a start date. But I can’t find an automation that allows me to create an annual reminder. What is the best way to implement this?

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Hi @DanielRdL and welcome to the community! What you can do is create a “Reminder Date” column and use the following pair of automations to push the Reminder Date out 12 months and set a notification when the date arrives:

Hope this helps!

Thanks @mark.anley :slight_smile:

This works the way I wanted it to. What does not work, however, is to enter a date in the past.

Is it possible to do it like “When Start Date changes set Reminder Date to Start Date and Push Reminder Date by 12 months”?

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No problem at all @DanielRdL. In order to set the date to something other than the current date before pushing you will need to use an App to assist, I recommended looking into Column Magic or General Caster. Both have free plans available depending on your required usage.

Also check out the following post where someone was asking a similar question. You need to be careful to not create an infinite loop.