Automatically create new date in a new column

After entering a date in one column, I would like to automatically create a date in another column that is 14 days PRIOR to the entered date. EX: If I have a column titled Publish Date, and I enter September 19, I would like the date of September 5 to automatically populate in a new column titled Submission Date.

Is it possible to create an automation that creates a new date that is PRIOR to the one you entered in another column…rather than PUSH an already existing date?

Thank you!

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Hey @JenZucconi - while this isnt possible in native monday there are a couple of apps that can assist you with this. Check out Column Magic or General Caster. Both have the ability to take a column value and set to another like column.

You can then use the set monday automation to push the date column when changed -14 days.

Hope this helps!

thanks fro sharing the experience

Thanks for sharing, Mark! I’ll check those out.

Thanks again @mark.anley. I got the Column Magic app to work to enter the new date. BUT…when I set the new date to push by -14 days, it moves it back incessantly. You just watch the date on the board keep going back by 14 days. Ever had this problem???

Hey @JenZucconi - apologies for the delay in responding here. Yes, that was an error in my logic that it would cause an endless loop of moving the date. What you can do is create a “check” column to manage the process so it doesnt run endlessly.

In this example, I have a number column called (check) and have its value defaulted to 0 on item creation. Continue to use the Column Magic integration, and then use the following two automations:

This will ensure the date push only happens a single time when changed. You can also hide/collapse the (check) column so it is not in view for users.

Hope this helps,