Any way to get the exact complexity cost added by certain fields in the Monday GraphQL API?

I am looking for something like Shopify’s 'X-GraphQL-Cost-Include-Fields': true header. Basically sending this in the request in Shopify will have the response from the server include the exact cost of every field in the query (Shopify API rate limits). Is there anything similar for Monday? I am trying to calculate query costs client-side before sending the request to more precisely handle rate limits.

Here you go:

I believe I understand how to calculate the cost in broad terms. Objects seem to have a fixed cost of 10, while fields have a cost of 1 (times any multiplier on the object).

I was looking for something more exact/specific. For example, Boards has an items_count field, which apparently “comes with a high complexity cost”. The cost for this specific field seems to be ‘5000’ (from testing in the playground). Is there a list of these “edge cases”?

Hello there @EricM,

We do not have a document with a list of complexity points costs per case right now.

I will share this with our team so that they can take it into account and hopefully add it in the future :grin:


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