Any way to repeat items everyday in google calendar

HELLO, Im very new to this program. I was just able to sync my board/ groups / items to my google caledar, which is I reason I selected this service over others. The question I have is can I have the item appear / repeat every day in my google calendar until the item is finished and I delete the item or move it to another board I have called Complete & Paid ( I like to have references of my work but once its completed I dont want it on my daily boards anymore).

Right now it is only putting the item date that I select in Monday into the 1 corresponding date in google calendars. Also many items do not have specific due dates, so I wouldnt want to have it show up only between date and due date. I would like to have it appear every day until I take the item off this particular board.
One thought I had and not sure if it is included is to have a column next to DATE with a check mark and as long as that check mark is checked that item will continuously appear in my google calendar daily. Thank you for any assistance with this.

Hi @GRAFX! You bring up a great question and point here. At this time, I am afraid we do not currently support a seamless recurring google calendar integration. Currently, in order for that item to repeat each day in your google cal, you would need to create an item every day in the platform or assign a person to each task as this is the primary trigger for the calendar event creation. I understand that this isn’t an ideal process and our team is aware of this :pray: I will also be sure to share your feedback with our team.

An alternative could also be to utilise a third party integration to achieve this. You can use our external integration with Zapier, that will help integrate with a wide variety of software using our external API. Check out this article for more information:

I’ve come across this integration in-case it helps: Connect your Google Calendar to integration in 2 minutes | Zapier