API not returning all the subitems


We use the API V2 to create subitems and then retrieve those items with the following query

query {
   boards(ids: my_board_id) {

     items(ids: my_item_id) {

       column_values(ids: "subitems") {




For some items the API doesn’t return all the subitems that we can see in the user interface.

Anyone had this problem before?

Hey there @vivimonday :wave:

Thanks for taking this over to the community! :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested the query you are using on multiple boards and multiple items with subitems within my account and the results seemed to have always match what I see within the UI. Have you been able to try the queries I have provided over email that query the sub-item board directly instead of querying the parent board’s values?

If anyone within the community has had a similar experience, I’d love to hear more about that as well!