Appropriate to make interns "Viewers" or "Guests"?

Is it better to make interns “viewers” or “guests”? We don’t need them to be able to create items on boards but we do need them to be able to answer questions in the update section.

Hi @Emily_Lundberg ,

A viewer of the account will not be able to make comments in the updates section, so this may not be a good option for interns needing to write in the updates section

The issue you may face with adding them as a guest is if interns get company emails, you are unable to have guests under your email domain. This can be solved by having interns sign up with their school/personal emails. The next challenge is you will have to ensure all of your boards are set up as shareable boards (not main boards) and add the intern(s) to each of the boards they will need access to.

This knowledge base article from has even more details on the Viewer and Guest permissions,on%20Main%20or%20Private%20Boards.